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Moisturizing Oil-Infused Gel Socks/Gloves Set

Rough, cracked skin can be embarrassing and painful.  Soften, moisturize & repair dry and cracked skin using these gel silicone gloves and socks.  The gel lining is infused with rose essential oil, jojoba oil and olive oil.  Use for 30 minutes/day to see optimum results.  Slather on your favorite oil/moisturizer and put on your gel gloves and socks before bedtime.  Wake up to beautiful, soft and silky hands and feet!  Best of all, these are reusable!  Apply oil/moisturizer throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated, especially after frequent handwashing.

*Refer to the picture with size measurements to ensure proper fit.  Socks typically fit women's shoe sizes 5.5-8.5*

Care: Hand wash gel socks and gloves with a mild soap in cold water.  Do not twist and do not peel or pick at gel lining.  Air dry. 

Please note:  Consult your doctor first if you suffer from diabetes or poor circulation.  Do not wear them on open wounds or broken skin.  Do not wear them if you have skin conditions such as Psoriasis or Eczema. 

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